Resident Holdings Group is a Southeast Asian-based global holding company of technologically-driven start-ups with a strategy of global expansion and interests in the fields of real estate and property development, leisure and hospitality, social media marketing, franchising, fashion and beauty retailing, fintech, edtech, and tech-based legal, medical, and accounting services. Its flagship company is unicorn startup Revolution Precrafted, a supplier of traditional and prefabricated homes and structures with a footprint in 31 countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and South America, and The Caribbean.

PropTech and Home Interiors


Revolution is a collection of limited edition, pre-crafted structures, including homes and pavilions. The project unites 86 of the world’s preeminent architects, artists, and designers to create an exclusive series of prefabricated, livable spaces. With a network of cutting-edge technologies and cost-efficient production systems, Revolution is democratizing high-design and architecture by introducing designed spaces in exclusive collaboration with industry leading creatives. 


Rogue Resorts is an asset-light hospitality and real property firm that partners with some of the biggest developers of leisure and hospitality complexes in the world to create curated travel experiences in branded residential properties, effectively creating “a resort within a resort”.

It offers membership-based leisure and hospitality experiences, amenities and tours to some of the most premium resorts, clubs and hotels in the world, primarily through the innovative “Travel Tech” leveraging the use of social media and other digital platforms. To drive usage and connect like-minded travelers. Rogue Resorts also functions as an asset management company to hotel operators and lifestyle residences developers and private home owners


Renaissance Touch is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace for furnishing and decorating interior spaces with the inspiration from celebrities, top interior designers, artists and fashion designers.



A one-stop shop marketplace and destination for franchising and licensing concepts—offers an unparalleled list of possible retail and business opportunities, in partnership with some of the biggest celebrities and influencers. It is a gateway to unique, out of the ordinary, licensing ideas on shopping, beauty, fitness and wellness, fashion and home design with the main goal of offering prospective entrepreneurs and customers alike with a convenient and worry-free experience.

Direct Marketing


Resurgent Corporation creates income opportunities for everyone, including OFWs, homemakers and business-minded by offering direct marketing services to members and people in their personal networks. The company recruits members through purchases of celebrity-curated products and franchises offered by Resurgent’s sister units under the Resident Holdings umbrella.


Ripe is a versatile discount card that provides exclusive discounts for hundreds of your favorite restaurants, shops, salons, fitness centers and many more. For its first phase, Ripe will be targeting the most sought-after brands and serve as the consolidated discount card not only to provide a more coherent and convenient way of shopping, but also to give our users the experience to enjoy luxurious facets of life without breaking the bank.


Royal Celebrity Card was created to deliver the perks and discounts that you deserve on any of the branded concepts of your chosen Renegade celebrity. Enjoy the unlimited premium perks and discounts when you purchase on a certain merchandise, service or food and beverage concept under your favorite Renegade. Accessible in all the companies under Resident Holdings, avail your own Royal Celebrity Card, be a member and savor the overflowing rewards we have for you.

Digital Marketing


Relevant Medium is Southeast Asia’s first ever integrated celebrity-inspired marketplace designed to connect modern-day influencers with their fans in a onestop shop for e-commerce, curated brands, and virtual-in-life channel engagement.


Reach Medium is an online media platform where we invite you in engaging and reaching out to your favorite Renegade Celebrities and Influencers. It specializes in creating contents, promotions, video greets, event and party invites from your favorite celebrities and influencers. The company aims to help the people in reaching out to their favorite Renegades by creating video greets and shout outs through the platform. Advertise and promote your events and parties by reaching a larger audience through Reach Medium, with the support of our partner celebrities and influencers, engage with your publics with our vast network and reach. The features aim to provide the service to connect with our partner Renegades.


A celebrity curated online auctions of pre-loved apparels, accessories, furniture and fixtures, and also cars from our celebrity Renegades.



Revolt Celebrity Games is an interactive cross-platform gaming company that features celebrities and an immersive, best-in-breed gaming experience. Watch your favorite celebrities while they play and stream your favorite games!


Replenish Corporation is the premiere celebrity-inspired nutrition, F&B concepts, and vitamin e-supplements company offering core drinks, energy bars, gels, packets and other supplements.


Range Electronics is a celebrity-designed accessible cellphone provider and marketplace app that helps merge function with fashion. Featuring cool, hip styles, and branding, Range Electronics’ products double as a gateway for people to make extra income.


A collection of kids’ toys, apparels, stuff and necessities curated by various celebrity babies and kids.


An online one-stop shop for your daily pet needs, we sell foods to vitamins and apparels to fixtures.


Rebel Specs Design is a global marketplace for celebrity designed eyewear pieces, ranging from fashionable, everyday wear sunglasses to designer prescription glasses for both men and women.


Regal Jewelry Collection is a curated influencer-inspired e-commerce jewelry brand that sells gorgeous celebrity branded rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at a reasonable price.


Radical Couture is an influencer-designed streetwear shop and clothing brand catering to fashionable, casual, and trendy clients among hip-hop, alternative, and punk rock scenes. Its products range from jeans, shirt, jackets, and fashion accessories at an affordable price.


Radiant Beauty Selection is your one-stop celebrity-based shopping destination for cosmetics, perfumes and other beauty enhancement products that will help you achieve your beauty goals. Start your beauty journey today.

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