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While flipping through pages of glossy magazines, it is difficult for a person to stop oneself from craving over the opulence found in the pages. The intricacy of design, the development of an idea and the understanding of architectural complexity doesn’t come easily to everyone. Real estate visionary Robbie Antonio has that rare quality to bring the best of all worlds through his ability to blend such diverse concepts into an idea of aspirational living. He brings concepts of luxurious living, art, flexible spaces, accessible pricing and liveable places through his latest endeavors or as he likes to describe, a beautiful obsession – “REVOLUTION PRECRAFTED”. His ambitions are simple yet revolutionary, an idea to bring “Democratic Design” in real estate

REVOLUTION PRECRAFTED is an idea to bring “Democratic Design” in real estate.


Finely developed tastes

Robbie is one of the youngest and most prolific collectors of international modern and post-war contemporary art in the world. Because of his accomplishments as an art collector, he has received a number of awards from a number of recognized organizations. In 2014, Artnet recognized him as one of ‘20 of the World’s Most Innovative Art Collectors’, while in 2015 and 2016, he became part of Artnet’s ‘Top 200 Art Collectors Worldwide’. Artnet also recognized him with two awards in 2016: as one of the ‘Twelve young art collectors to watch out for’, as well as one of the ‘Top 100 art collectors’ for that year. This year, he was cited by BuiltWorlds in its 2018 Mavericks Report as one of ‘25 Pioneers Who’ve Transformed the Built Industry’, while in May 2018, he was named ‘Real Estate Personality of the Year’ by PropertyGuru.


His passion for art has also led him to collaborate with artists such as Marina Abramovich, Maurizio Catellan, Francesco Clemente, Damien Hirst, Zhang Huan, David La Chapelle, Marilyn Minter, Takashi Murakami, Julian Opie, and Julian Schnabel. To date, he has worked with 13 Pritzker Prize Architects/Firms such as Zaha Hadid, Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie, Rem Koolhaas, Jean Nouvel, I.M. Pei, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, and Christian de Portzamparc to name a few, as well as designers such as Ron Arad, Campana Brothers, Tom Dixon, Philippe Starck, and Marcel Wanders.

I always want to work with the best people in the world, whether it is business, politics, art… because that makes you a better person,” he emphasizes. “You learn from the best and it’s a privilege. I want to impart that to the world.”

I always want to work with the best people in the world, whether it is business, politics, art… because that makes you a better person. You learn from the best and it’s a privilege. I want to impart that to the world.”

Growth-oriented curation

Robbie is the Managing Director of Century Properties, responsible for establishing the largest number of luxury branded real estate developments around the world, such as the Milano Residences by Versace, Acqua Livingstone by Missoni Home, Azure by Paris Hilton, Forbes Media Tower, Armani for Century Spire and the Trump Tower.

“I’ve already done the luxury projects and people know me for that, but I’m going to do something inherently very different,” he adds. “If I can do something extremely benevolent in society in an ignored niche, why not?”
“Honestly, in business, passion is not even enough. OBSESSION is key,” Antonio currently has 82 million square feet worth of developed, in-progress, and managed properties under his belt, him being the Founder and President of Antonio Development in New York, Managing Director of Century Properties based in Asia, and now the Founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted. Revolution Precrafted is his one and only focus.
He is taking his passion to next level by bringing together over 80 of the world’s leading architects, artists, and designers including Sou Fujimoto, David Salle and celebrities such as Daphne Guinness, Helena Christensen & Camilla Stærk and Amar’e Stoudemire. His efforts have earned him accolades such as the ‘2018 Philippines Real Estate Personality of the Year award’, ‘25 Mavericks who help transform the built industry’ by BuiltWorlds, ‘50 Asians who are changing the way we live’ by the Singapore Straits Times, ‘25 Most Influential Personalities’ by the Philippine Star, ‘50 Under 50’ by Town & Country, ‘Real Estate All Stars in New York’ by Real Estate Weekly, New York, ‘Top 40 Rising Stars of Real Estate Globally’ by Institutional Investor Magazine by the age of 28 and not to mention he climbed quickly to ‘25th on Forbes list of the Philippines 50 Richest 2018’ while being ‘28th on Forbes list of the Philippines 50 Richest 2017’ (The youngest person on the list).

I’ve already done the luxury projects and people know me for that, but I’m going to do something inherently very different.

Ambitious ideas

It was in December 2015 when Revolution Precrafted was launched and the company has since become a global supplier of prefabricated homes, pavilions, and other related structures. “I want the homes to be perceived as art pieces. I think this is something that can be built off-site and assembled like a Lego set,” he elaborates. “We’re striving to do something that’s customizable.” he espouses, explaining his idea for a sustainable luxurious living.

To date, Revolution Precrafted has bagged around $8.7 Billion in projected revenues for the company’s ongoing projects in the US, Philippines, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Indonesia, Jamaica, Guyana, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, El Salvador, Brazil, Cyprus, Mauritius, Seychelles, India, Indonesia and Japan, Australia, Zimbabwe.

“I’ve worked with 13 Pritzker Prize architects, possibly more than any human being in the world. We have intellectual property over all these names, you can get them at a ridiculously high price and wait a number of years, or get it from us in three months at a much cheaper price,” Antonio explains describing his motivation behind Revolution Precrafted.

The buildings can be customized to the buyer’s specific needs, becoming a private residence cum museums or whatever their clients desire. “We try to customize the buildings depending on the clientele and their needs. Some people want a little private museum but not everyone has the budget of Guggenheim. We provide a flexible space which could take the shape of a library, a performance area, a nightclub or a big restaurant”, elaborated Mr. Antonio.

Among the biggest projects of Revolution Precrafted is the $1.1 billion Batulao Artscapes projects in Batangas province, Philippines, envisioned to be the World’s First Livable Art Park, it features museums and homes that embody the marriage of art, architecture and design. It will have museums designed by Pritzker-winning architects Jean Nouvel, Tange Associates, Christian de Portzamparc and Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie architects. Launched in December 2017, the community will have more than 8,600 homes. Amenities include a sports park, a man-made lake and a flavorpark.

Revolution Precrafted also launched its $750 million Flavorscapes residential project in Central Philippines, which will have 15,000 homes. The community is expected to feature a Museum of Ice Cream, Museum of Candy, Chocolate Gallery, Microbrewery and Beer Garden. The first batch of homes will be delivered by the first quarter of 2018.

The bigger picture

Robbie has grand plans for the only Unicorn of the Philippines. His idea can be described as the ‘Ikea of Homes’ for their plug and play simplicity, the “Tesla of Homes” because his work is not just a home but an entire platform of ideas and technologies. Antonio intends to eventually turn the company into a platform for a smart home. A house that can be as intelligent as one wants! He also intends to pre-craft homes for disaster-hit areas which can be erected as quickly as relief camps. The company can easily mass-produce flexible spaces that can be used as per the needs of the situation. The company is on its way of building a “Revolution Community” as intended by its founder. A community where one can enjoy museums, cultural places, and distinctive art without even visiting the actual place.

The prefab industry is expected to grow rapidly in the next 3-7 years and the company is all set on the leaving a global footprint. Revolution Precrafted is in the middle of their global roadshow and hopes to be present in 35 countries by the end of the year. Having greater visibility in 24 countries is already considered a doable target. It has already begun with the opening of Revolution Precrafted’s Dubai office in Q4 2018. By the next year, Revolution Precrafted hopes to be present in 55 countries and 100 countries by end of 2020. Robbie’s ambition is an idea, an idea we think is the world is already waiting for.


I’ve already done the luxury projects and people know me for that, but I’m going to do something inherently very different.

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Robbie Antonio is on a quest for Revolution Precrafted’s billion-dollar valuation

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE LIVE. Take a hard look at the influence, power, and obsessions of Robbie Antonio in our July 2017 issue, where the Century Properties scion talks to us about his startup, Revolution Precrafted, and his quest for its billion-dollar valuation.

Inside: Washington Sycip, pillar of Philippine finance, talks about the considerable lessons he has learned over his lifetime. Meet internationally acclaimed documentary photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani, who rose from obscurity and her job as a domestic worker to become a Magnum Foundation fellow and one of the most talked-about Filipino photographers today. Also, in this month’s Notes & Essays: Violence, according to Lakan UmaliG.M. Enriquez, and Miro Capili; with photos by Carlo Gabuco.

Plus: In time for Game of Thrones’ penultimate season, Kit Harington speaks to Esquire about transcending his role as the wonderboy of Westeros; Carlo Gabuco and Luis Liwanag show us the view from the ground in Marawi; we list down ten cool trinkets that you can get your hands on now in this month’s Esquire 10; and Mona Lisa Neuboeck is a Woman We Love.

Read all these and more in the July 2017 issue of ESQUIRE. A digital edition is available at

On the cover: Robbie Antonio, founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted, photographed exclusively for Esquire Philippines by Edric Chen; with grooming by Joan Teotico using NARS Cosmetics, and hairstyling by Jayjay Gallego for Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon and Brix Batalla. Shot on location at Milano Residences.


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Jacket and white shirt by DIOR HOMME

“We can match that,” Robbie Antonio roars as his business development manager takes a seat on the side-line during the photoshoot after he is instructed not to leave his sight. Amidst looking fiercely into the camera while striking a relaxed pose, the duo are in an ardent discussion about closing a business deal here in Kuala Lumpur. A local developer has named its price – one that is much lower than the one proposed.

People on the scene can perceive there is a hint of impatience in the air, perhaps born out of frustration as the negotiations inch along.

“It has to be right and it has to be fast,” Antonio spells out efficiency as the value he places the most importance on. “People say be patient, I am the exact opposite. I want everything now. It is a sprint, not just a marathon. People say it is a long-term thing. Yes, it is a marathon but to me it is always a sprint.”

The morning started early. Antonio has taken up a transitory residence at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur for his business trip to Kuala Lumpur. The photoshoot is held a few floors down after we remodelled a meeting room into a make-shift studio. A monolight was installed and tweaked just so we could get the exact lighting as envisioned on the mood board. His self-assurance is palpable. He may not be the most soft-spoken person you will ever meet nor will he be the most amenable muse to the maquilleuse.

“I only use one type of pomade,” Antonio replies with swag and conviction when the hairstylist offers his suggestion. Antonio’s assistant is dispatched to the suite to retrieve his pomade.

Outfit: Robbie’s own

Minutes later, Antonio’s assistant returns with his trusted hair product. The hairstylist proceeds to work his magic, prepping him for the camera. Standing on the designated spot, Antonio flashes a million-dollar smile. “Come on Mr Photographer, I am ready,” he beams.

Antonio knows what he wants. It is therefore not a surprise that he became the youngest person to join the Forbes’ 50 Richest In the Philippines list. This 2018, he joins his father at number 25 with a collective net worth of US$400 million (RM1.6 billion). He is a dark knight riding a unicorn on a crusade to revolutionise real estate. His equine is Revolution Precrafted.

A few years ago, he saw that there was a disconnect in the real estate sector wherein he could exploit. For a building to come into fruition, it consumes a lot of time in design and onsite construction. What if the whole process from the beginning to the end is streamlined? A master developer only has to select from a digital catalogue and the order will be placed. Homes are constructed offsite and finally transported to the site before being assembled like flat pack furniture. Costs are saved because fewer builders are required and homeowners rejoice because they will be handed their keys in weeks instead of years.

“Would you say that you are the Elon Musk of real estate and that Revolution Precrafted is the Tesla of real estate?” I raise the question to him.

“Being compared and seeing the parallelism between Tesla and us and Musk and I is such an honour for us,” Antonio says with a grin before continuing, “interestingly, Musk and I were recently recognised by BuiltWorlds as one of the pioneering companies that help transform the built industry.”

“I wanted to prove to myself that I can be successful on my own, using my own abilities… I can be very artistic; I can be very playful; I can be very hard in the boardroom.”

Antonio was born into a family of developers. His father Jose Antonio is one of the founders and current chairman of Century Properties, a luxury property developer based in the Philippines. But Antonio chose to cut his teeth in the US. Upon graduating from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, he founded Antonio Development. He also has an MBA from Stanford University. The New York-based development company is responsible for Centurion – the first residential building in the Big Apple designed by Pritzker Prize winner I. M. Pei. Centurion proved to be one of the many luxury homes born out of collaborative efforts and Antonio’s conscious decisions to be exceptional at everything he does. The Midtown development is among the first projects he embarked on.

Back then he was young, in his 20s and fresh out of school, but it didn’t faze him. “On the contrary, I was very excited. I wanted to prove to myself that I can be successful on my own, using my own abilities, and creating my own connections to start up a business. I consider myself to be a very independent person and I also enjoy taking on challenges. Building something from scratch on your own and continuing to start new venture is particularly exciting and I am just glad that I was able to do it,” the 41-year-old enthuses.

Centurion also gave him the impetus to position buildings in a proper format. Piece by piece, he began to lay down the tiles for his dominoes. When he returned to his homeland, he approached recognisable brands for residences whose interiors were furnished by luxury brands such as Armani/Casa and Versace Home.

“They (Armani/Casa) don’t even want much art on the walls,” Antonio quips in a Forbes’ interview, elucidating the interiors of the plush apartments sited at Trump Tower Manila, which is set to open its doors soon. When the project was first announced to much fanfare, Antonio was gracing magazine covers and photographed alongside the leader of the free world.

That minimalist approach is a far cry from Antonio’s own obsession with the arts. He owns an extensive art collection by famous painters and by famous painters of himself. His home doubles as a depository for the oeuvre of self-portraits entitled (ditto) Obsession.

“Art allows me to inject creativity. It is not just because it is a pure investment. I love working with artists, architects, designers. I like fashion people because they are very creative,” Antonio explains. He appeared on Vanity Fair and Wallpaper because art critics were enthralled by his ardour. While he is still very much engrossed with art, Obsession has taken a backseat to Revolution Precrafted.

White shirt by DIOR HOMME

Launched in December 2015, Revolution Precrafted has been on a meteoric rise. “To date, we are present and have projects in 25 countries with total consolidated project revenues of US$8.5 billion with our partners in the next three to four years. We are expected to deliver 35,000 units from our projects. This is no small feat, especially for a company that is less than three years old,” Antonio stresses.

Since then, Revolution Precrafted has grown from five people, including himself, during its inception to 1,200 people presently. I ask him is Revolution Precrafted currently operationally profitable. His answer is a resounding “definitely”. “We are financially ready to support our current orders,” he adds.

In the same period, Revolution Precrafted went through a couple of rounds of financing. The latest series B funding was concluded in October 2017, propelling its valuation to over US$1 billion, hence the much-coveted unicorn – a term coined for a privately-held start-up valued at over US$1 billion. “Yes, we are not discounting the possibility of raising external funding, only to support our planned global expansion. We want to be present in 55 countries by 2019 and in 85 countries by the end of 2020. Naturally, we will need to beef up our resources and manpower in order to make this possible. As to the manner of fund raising, we are looking into doing a series C in 2019 and/or a possible initial coin offering (ICO) for one of our initiatives,” Antonio lets me in on his future plans.

He upholds Revolution Precrafted adds value to any developers. Reason being the designers he chooses to collaborate with for his prefabs. “Obviously, they need to be recognised for their work. It is the reputation that I look for. They need to add value,” Antonio sets forth the condition.

To further drive home the point, he cites Lenny Kravitz, the American rock star famous for his hits American Woman and Are You Gonna Go My Way. A product of Kravitz’s eponymous interior design firm is purveyed on Revolution Precrafted’s website. The curiously-named Instrumental Home is a free-standing enclosure that includes a living area, kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom. Every part is prefabricated, from its durable exterior materials to modular furniture.

“A lot of people I work with started with business first and then they became friends. Some are friends first, then it (the relationship) became business. It is a natural thing. I don’t work too hard to try to get people. It just has to be natural for both to trust each other. I will try to do my best for their products. At the end of the day, it is consumer choice,” Antonio says in general referring to the dynamics between friendship and business while encompassing his relation with Kravitz.

“Nonetheless, we can say that there is great demand for our products. There is also substantial interest in our mid-entry homes because they have more accessible price points. In terms of geographical reach, we now have significant presence in Asia, South America, Central America, Europe, North America and Africa.Outfit: Robbie’s own

Outfit: Robbie’s own

It was in the Middle East that Revolution Precrafted scored its most lucrative deal to date. The mammoth deal is worth US$3.2 billion and entails the manufacturing of luxury apartments and hotel villas in Dubai’s The World Islands, composed of 300 artificial islands. Antonio says these two- to three-bedroom luxury condominiums will be pre-manufactured, shipped and then assembled onsite.

To keep up with demand, Revolution Precrafted has fabricators in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. But at the same time, Antonio is also aggressively looking for further expansion of their fabrication capabilities. “The quality should be top notch in order to maintain the level of quality of our homes and products,” he asserts.

Still brimming with bountiful energy whipped up by multiple changes of clothing, hairstyles and poses, he nudges me to ask him more questions while a hairdryer hovers above his head. So what is your plan for the rest of the day?

“I had all my business meetings yesterday. I am going to complete them and head to Manila in a bit, Dubai on Saturday, India on (coming) Monday. I will spend the weekend (at home). Then all the way to seven different South American countries. We want to be prevalent and ubiquitous, in six continents, which we already are. There is no play.

“But this is play. When I am having a photographer and (creative) director like this, I am having fun,” Antonio gleams referring to the photoshoot.

In between exhibiting at Design Miami, immersing in meeting after meeting, Antonio starts his day early. He leaves the bed at 4am every day, hits the gym and arrives in the office before normal business hours. “I was in Singapore for the Forbes Next Tycoons conference. It was a good time to network with them (attendees who are business titans and heirs from mostly around Asia). I really try to balance between different facets of business and of myself as an individual. When I have a bit of time when I travel, I get to see a bit of the (local) culture like art and design,” Antonio opens up on his personality as the photoshoot draws to a close. “I can be very artistic; I can be very playful; I can be very hard in the boardroom.”


Photography by Kim Mun / Hopscotch Studio
Videography by Andrew Loh
Styling by Ibnu Aswan
Assistance by Joyce Lim + Andrew Loh
Make-up by Joyce Yap
Grooming by Derren Fong / Shawn Cutler
Location by St Regis Kuala Lumpur


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Born in the Philippines, he is the Founder and CEO of Resident Holdings Group, the Founder and CEO of Antonio Development in New York, as well as the Founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted – the first and only PropTech unicorn startup in Southeast Asia and the first startup billion-dollar company in the Philippines. Currently, Antonio has 82 million square feet worth of developed, in-progress, and managed properties under his belt and in 2016 and 2017, he was recognised as the youngest person in the Forbes 50 Richest Filipinos publication. In May 2018, he was named “Real Estate Personality of the Year” by PropertyGuru and was also cited in the 2018 Mavericks Report by BuiltWorlds as one of the “25 Pioneers Who’ve Transformed the Built Industry”. In addition to his work for his companies, Antonio has also served as the Managing Director of Century Properties where he’s conceived and spearheaded US$2.1 billion of branded developments with the Trump Organisation, Armani Casa, Versace Home, Philippe Starck, Missoni Home and Paris Hilton.

Rebel with a Cause

Jose Roberto “Robbie”  Antonio is a Real Estate Developer who lives between the Philippines and New York City. Born in 1977, Robbie’s devoted his career to putting the Philippine skyline on the map.

Mr. Antonio devotes a lot of his time to causes he feels close to his heart such as Resilience by Design – a UN campaign which supports reconstruction processes in areas affected by natural disasters and climate change. He is also one of the Board Directors of Operation Smile Philippines Foundation – a medical charity that has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities.

Resident Holdings Group

Born out of Robbie Antonio’s experience in brand marketing, Resident Holdings Group is a Southeast Asian-based global holding company of technologically-driven startups in the fields of real estate and property development, leisure and hospitality, social media marketing, franchising, fashion and beauty retailing, and tech-based legal, medical, and accounting services. All companies share a unique brand DNA of partnering with international celebrities and influencers.

Renegade Branding Concepts is a one-stop-shop for franchising and licensing concepts which offers an unparalleled list of possible retail and business opportunities in partnership with some of the biggest celebrities while Renaissance Touch is a first-of-its-kind online celebrity/influencer e-commerce site for furnishing and decorating interior spaces. Relevant Medium is a platform that enables social media influencers to create and monetise content, while Reach Medium is an aggregated Key Opinion Leader (KOL) content curator, e-commerce, and traffic engine.

Antonio has recently unveiled his other celebrity-designed e-commerce and e-services companies including Rebel Specs Design—a celebrity-branded eyewear e-commerce company; Radical Couture Concepts—a company that features the latest celebrity-backed fashion trends; Regal Jewelry Selection—a curated e-commerce jewellery brand that sells celebrity-branded jewellery; Radiant Beauty Selection—an e-commerce company that provides beauty products; Replenish Corporation— a celebrity-inspired nutrition company; Range Hi-Tech Corporation—a celebrity-branded cell phone provider and marketplace app that helps merge function with fashion and Revolt Games—an interactive cross-platform gaming company which features celebrity branding and an immersive gaming experience.

Resurgent Corporation features seven product packages and an interactive app that gamifies, intensifies, and ultimately commercialises the entire marketing experience; Relove Collections is a celebrity curated online shop for pre-loved clothes, accessories, furniture and cars; Roaring Pets Company is an online pet shop and Rascal Kids Collection offers a collection of toys, clothes and accessories for kids, inspired by influencers’ children. RACE is a digital media and live entrepreneurship platform and RIPE Discount Card is a discount membership card which helps consumers buy more for less whilst supporting local small businesses.

Revolution Precrafted – the first PropTech Unicorn startup in Southeast Asia

Resident Holdings Group’s flagship company is Revolution Precrafted – a supplier of traditional and prefabricated homes and structures with a footprint in 31 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America and the Caribbean. In 2018, Revolution Precrafted became the Philippines’ first unicorn. The startup is currently valued at US$1.8 billion. Founded by Robbie, the company supplies limited-edition, luxury prefabricated homes to a global market primed for new modular dwelling options. The prefabricated home concept offers a solution by greatly simplifying the process — picking a home design from a selection and having it delivered right to your doorstep. The startup offers factory-built luxury homes in Asia and the West that cost an average of $70,000 (in Asia) and $120,000 (in the West) and are crafted by some of the world’s leading designers and architects, including experts from Zaha Hadid Architects, Jean Nouvel Design, Ron Arad Architects and Kravitz Design.

And while modular houses are certainly not a novelty, Revolution Precrafted is the first company in the world which focuses on luxury prefabricated homes. Aiming to become ‘the Ikea of homes’, it sells directly to property developers who establish the sites for prefabricated homes and hopes to be able to build homes in 60 to 90 days.


Robbie Antonio is one of the youngest and most prolific collectors of international modern and post-war contemporary art. As an art collector, he has received numerous awards from different organisations – in 2014, he was recognised as one of the“20 of the World’s Most Innovative Art Collectors” by Artnet, whilst in 2015, he was included in their “Top 200 Art Collectors Worldwide” list. He received more recognitions by Artnet in 2016 – becoming one of the“12 Young Art Collectors to Watch in 2016”, as well as one of the “The World’s Top 100 Art Collectors for 2016”. Driven by his passion for art, Antonio has collaborated with artists such as Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Marina Abramovich, Maurizio Catellan, Julian Schnabel, Francesco Clemente, Zhang Huan, David La Chapelle, Marilyn Minter and Julian Opie.


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The property entrepreneur’s $1 billion dollar start-up Revolution Precrafted is bringing high-end modular homes to the masses

Fittingly, Robbie Antonio, the $1 billion construction start-up CEO, has not one but two extraordinary homes in Manila. The first is a biomorphic art-gallery-cum-private-residence dubbed Stealth in the Philippines’ capital’s most exclusive neighbourhood.

It’s as if a spaceship has landed among the grand villas, an otherworldly, matte black confection dreamt up by the iconic Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who was persuaded to take his first residential commission in 15 years by the strength of Antonio’s vision. That, and the fact the entrepreneur is as charming as he is persistent, and clearly has a passion for design. “I wanted the art to pop, and usually every gallery has white walls,” says Antonio by way of explanation of the unusually dark palette. “Everything here is matte black. It’s my favourite colour. In the bathroom, even the soap and the tissue paper is black.”

Robbie Antonio sits on furniture by Daniel Libeskind at the home he has dubbed Stealth

As the name suggests, Antonio’s home is an intensely private space (all the doors have biometric sensors) yet it has a gallery-like feel, thank to the cavernous, shadowy interior and the museum-quality commissions it houses. His astounding art collection is eclectic and colourful, with works by Damien Hirst, Francis Bacon and Paul McCarthy popping out of the gloom. There is nothing cosy or conventional about this house – there are few windows, for one thing; apertures in the ceiling pierce defined spaces with light – and there is something extraordinary to gaze at with every turn.

“I didn’t want it to look like this is a house,” says Antonio, “That was the point. I didn’t want to enter and see a sofa, a TV, a dining room. If I could, I wouldn’t even have chairs. I wanted it to be very distressed and Brutalist. I didn’t want an elegant mansion. That to me is so cliché. I just wanted the architecture to stand out and to make people think.”

The Armadillo Tea Pavilion by Ron Arad

Antonio is in the business of reimagining what a home can be, using the greatest design and architecture talents such as Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel to elevate the concept of pre-fabricated homes and turn it into something fabulous and desirable. The ethos behind his company Revolution Precrafted embodies democratic design at its best. It specialises in the construction of prefabricated, made-to-order homes that are constructed at a fraction of the cost of houses built using traditional construction methods.“The goal is to be prolific,” he says, “The mission statement is to the ultimate marketplace for designer, modular homes at an accessible price.”

The Volu Dining Pavilion by Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher launched Revolution Precrafted at Design Miami in 2015

Dotted throughout his own cavernous home there are monolithic pieces that Antonio has commissioned from leading designers and architects, including Kengo Kuma, David Adjaye, Tadao Ando and Daniel Libeskind. Several of the works are pavilions which were created for the launch of Revolution Precrafted at Design Miami in December 2015.

Another novel feature is a rotating bar, which Koolhaas integrated into the house at Antonio’s request; it was a scaled-down version of a much bigger, unrealised ambition. “At one point, I wanted the entire house to rotate – imagine a different facade every week – but it proved to be impossible,” Antonio explains, “I wanted four sides that changed throughout the month.”

His ambitions for Revolution Precrafted won’t be scaled back and it is growing at a pace that has even taken him by surprise. “I always planned and hoped that it would be big, but now I think it’s going to be bigger than I could ever have imagined,” he says, “We launched not even three years ago and there are now over 600 people in the company.”

Robbie Antonio in his penthouse apartment at Trump Tower Manila

A year after Revolution Precrafted was founded, it had a Series B funding round which raised the company’s  valuation to over $1bn, making it the first ‘unicorn’ start-up from the Philippines, and allowing the it to establish a  footprint in a number of global markets, including Italy, Japan and the UAE.

To say that Antonio is a man of action would be an understatement; he gets ‘five or six hours of sleep a night’ and wakes up at around 5.30am, works at least six days a week, and signed deals in over 20 countries last year, with a projected gross market value of $9 billion. Sport helps him to manage stress. Antonio tries to work out twice a day, but rarely uses the swimming pool or the Yves Klein Blue squash court at Stealth. Instead, he prefers circuit training because ‘it is fast-paced but I can still take breaks to look at my phone and work’.

There’s also a whole room dedicated to a Marina Abramovic installation which impels visitors to stop and contemplate by lying on a bed. The door locks for 60 minutes. “I’ve never, ever used it,” says Antonio. It’s hard to imagine him staying still for that long. Our interview is entirely conducted during a walking tour of the house.“I can’t stay still for 60 seconds,” he quips. Just then, he pauses from our interview and steals a glance at his phone. “I’ve had 115 WhatsApps in the time we’ve been talking….I had visitors from Brazil on Thursday, yesterday from Germany, today from Dubai.”

The Ellipsicoon Retreat Pavilion by Ben Van Berkel of UNSTUDIO

Antonio travels to Dubai regularly himself. An office there is in the works, and Revolution Precrafted signed a $3.2bn deal with luxury developer Seven Tides to design, supply and install two-and three-bedroom condominium apartments and villas on Dubai’s The World islands. The challenge for Antonio and his team is to realise the designs at an affordable price; although the Dubai development will be more at the luxury end of the scale, others are eminently accessible and the likes of Jean Nouvel are not used to delivering complete buildings for as little as $20,000. 

“It takes six months of value engineering these things and there’s a lot of back and forth with their teams,” he says. “One of the houses took a year to get right. It has to be viable. Some of our homes are super esoteric. I would live in them but very few people want to live in something that’s that far removed from the norm. But they’re like cool art pieces and I want them to be part of the vision. I love those super far-out designs because I think it really pushes you to live differently.”

Robbie Antonio photographed at Stealth, one of his Manila homes

That said, Antonio’s second Manila home is more conventional than Stealth. The plush penthouse apartment in the city’s Trump Tower overlooks the gleaming cityscape, much of which is his family legacy.

Century Properties, the real-estate company founded by his father, is responsible for developing much of Manila’s prime real estate including branded residences from the likes of Armani and Versace. But Antonio’s sights are set far beyond his hometown. He founded his first company in New York right after business school. “I wanted to do something on my own, completely independent of that,” he explains, “I’m not a ‘local’ person. I like global thinking. We’ve signed deals in 27 markets now, most of them this year. It’s intense, but we’re going after more.” 


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